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Corvid — mailRoutingAddress Attribute

Also Known As

Implemented internally in LDAP as the mailRoutingAddress attribute, this feature is also known as:
  • Email Routing Address
  • Mail Forwarding Address, Email Forwarding Address


The mailRoutingAddress attribute specifies where the local system should deliver email addressed to your account. This address can be local or remote.


Harry Bovik, who plans a speaking tour on his impending sabbatical, now retrieves his email from "," the server currently specified in his mailRoutingAddress. While travelling, he prefers to have email forwarded to his account on To make this change, Harry need only reset his mailRoutingAddress value to

Note: The mailRoutingAddress value must not be null or blank, nor an email local address such as When Dr. Bovik returns and wants again to receive email in his local SCS account, he must remember to reset mailRoutingAddress to his account on the Corvid server itself, eg.


The mailRoutingAddress field is not required, but if an account has no value set, the SCS Corvid system will never accept email for that account. Users cannot, in the current implementation, set this field to null, which value would effectively disable the account. If the field does have a value, it can only be a single email address, which must conform to the email addresses specification RFC2822. Our system does not support multiple email addresses nor multiple values in the mailRoutingAddress attribute, and we recommend the address length be less than 60 characters.

Recommended Values

The mailRoutingAddress value can be a local or remote address and need not specify an address on an SCS Computing Facilities machine. It can be your address or a Yahoo! mail address.

How To Change

You can modify any of the three address-attributes, "Preferred Email," "Email Forwarding," or "Email Local" via the SCS Corvid lookup page. Contact the SCS Help Desk, <> or x8-4231, with any questions or problems.