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What to do if you forget your password

If you forget your main SCS Kerberos password, or your /root Kerberos instance password, you will need to have the SCS Help Desk reset it for you.

If you have forgotten your SCS Windows domain account password, you can use the Instance Manager to reset them yourself, as long as you know your main SCS Kerberos password, without having to contact us.

If you have forgotten your local Windows Administrator password, you can change it yourself if your SCS Windows domain account is in the local Administrators group on that machine.

See campus Computing Services' instructions on what to do if you forget your Andrew password [offsite link, will open in a new window].

How to get a password reset by the SCS Help Desk

You can request a password reset by SCS Help Desk staff by using one of the following methods:
  1. Bring a photo ID to the Computer Science Help Desk in GHC 4201 during operating hours. A consultant will verify your identity and reset your password. Acceptable forms of ID are:
    • A Carnegie Mellon ID card
    • A State issued driver's license or identification card, or
    • A passport (US or foreign)
  2. Faculty, Students and Staff Members can contact their account sponsor and have that person verify their identity and request a password reset. If you do not know who your sponsor is, the Help Desk can direct you to the appropriate person. Please call 412-268-4231.
  3. If you are unable to visit the Help Desk, please call 412-268-4231 and we will schedule a video conference session to perform the password reset. Please have the following:
    • Valid photo id.
    • Let us know which Video Conferencing platform you prefer (Apple Face Time, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Skype).
    • A noise-free, private space in which to communicate securely the pertinent account information and temporary password.
    • Access to the internet to facilitate the initial login and testing the reset was successful.

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