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A/V Room Guidelines


The Event Start time is the time that a group may enter the room. Groups may not enter the room prior to the Event Start time unless it is empty. If additional time is needed to set up, the reservation request time should reflect these needs.

The Event End time is the time that a group must exit the room. All clean-up must be completed prior to this.

Most conference rooms and large meeting rooms in CS can be reserved using Meeting Room Manager (MRM).

Most of the Non-CS classrooms can be reserved through SpaceQuest.

See the Reserve/Contact field on the room table to determine how to reserve individual spaces.

The Room wizard

The Room wizard is installed at the entrances to all public conference rooms. It shows who has the room at the current time and the schedule for that room for the rest of the day. It also has red and green lights visible from some distance away that indicate whether the room currently has a scheduled meeting.

The main display shows information about the current meeting or simply that the space is available. The bottom of the display shows the schedule for today, with time periods blocked out for meetings. You can find information about a particular meeting by moving the cursor using the arrows on either side.

A rule of thumb is that, if a room is still not in use 20 minutes after the start of a scheduled meeting, anyone else can begin using it. The wizard has a "Use Now" button that you can press after the 20-minute waiting period expires. It will then show that room as being in use both on the wizard's display as well as in MRM. The maximum time setting for the Use Now feature is 30 minutes but, as long as your impromptu meeting ends before the next scheduled one begins, you can stay longer.


Furniture is not to be moved outside of any room or outside of the building. If additional furniture is needed, such as for outdoor events, you must make your own arrangements. Houston Enterprises is a discount supplier for furniture rentals.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Most rooms have a data projector, projection screen, and a laptop umbilical. Some rooms have a resident computer and other a/v equipment. Many rooms have additional equipment. See room guide for more information on what is offered in each space.

Problems with the resident a/v equipment in most SCS classrooms and conference rooms should be reported to the SCS A/V Help line x8-2608 (available 24/7). The SCS Help Desk has some items available to borrow. These currently include a conference phone, portable data projector, and wireless microphones for some of the conference and classrooms. For more information, including a FAQ and troubleshooting guide, please see the AV-Help pages.

Additional equipment can be ordered, with a fee, from Media Technology. MediaTech technicians support classes, conferences or special events with technical assistance, equipment (e.g., wireless microphone, projector, DVD player, video camera, videoconferencing, etc.), photography, and video services. The group also offers an equipment lending service. To place an order, contact MediaTech by phone (412-268- 8855) e-mail (, or online.

Conference Calls

Conference phones may be reserved through the SCS Help Desk. If you'll need to dial out and it's a long distance call, you must have an LDA code. If you don't already have one, you'll need to contact Paul Stockhausen ( or Jamie Gregory ( in the building facilities group with an oracle string and have them request one for you through Telecom Services. If you only have one long-distance participant, it may be simpler to have them dial in to the conference room before you dial out for other participants. The telephone number for each conference room is listed in the room guide.

Video Conferencing

GHC 4307, 6501 and 7101 have resident IP videoconferencing systems. The videoconferencing capability is accessed through a touch panel on the podium. GHC 4307 is supported by MediaTech. This room offers push-to-talk capability throughout the room to facilitate audience participation in the conference call. A lapel microphone is also available for voice reinforcement. (See also: MediaTech video conferencing)

GHC 6501 and 7101 are supported by SCS A/V Help.

MediaTech also has portable videoconference systems available for rental. These can be used in any space on campus as long as a network outlet is available.

Special Feature Rooms

GHC 4301 has both surround and tactile sound systems. When surround sound-encoded media or equipment is used, the audio envelops the classroom. The optional tactile sound feature resonates through the floor via ultra low frequency waves, some below human hearing threshold. (See also: MediaTech Surround and Tactile Sound in Gates 4301)

GHC 4303 has a video wall thanks to the generosity of Bruce and Astrid McWilliams. The McWilliams video wall was dedicated on May 14 and information is available online.


Decorations may not be placed where they block doorways, stairways or general passageways. Pins and thumbtacks may not be used on walls. All decorations must be removed at the end of your event.


Each group is responsible for clean up of the space used. All trash must be removed from the room and placed in lined trashcans. Tables must also be wiped off. Cleaning supplies can be obtained from the Main Office.


The Campus Catering Services Guide is available online. E-mail your order, along with an oracle string, to and call 412-268-2129 to confirm.

You'll need to reserve the room with lead time to allow for room setup and catering setup. Most caterers will expect to have two or more tables for setting out food. Many of the conference rooms have a kitchenette nearby. Some of the large and special purpose conference rooms have a kitchenette that is directly accessible for caterer use. These include GHC 4401/4405 (GHC 4411), GHC 6102 aka Collaborative commons (GHC 6102), and GHC6115/6121 (GHC 6119).

CS Staff Storage/Catering areas are available in GHC 7122 and GHC 9214. Both of these spaces have a refrigerator/freezer that staff can use to store food and drink items that must be kept at temperature prior to meetings.


Any concerns regarding room temperature, spills, damaged fixtures, etc. should be reported as soon as possible to the Building Facilities Manager, Jim Skees (

If the fire alarm sounds while you are having a meeting, everyone must evacuate the building as quickly as possible.

External Groups

Due to high usage, we cannot accommodate external groups.