Your grade is your total percentage (although there's typically some curve *upwards* at the end): A = 90 - 100% ; B = 80 - 89% ; C = 70 - 79% ; D = 60 - 69% This is a hard class, so we aim for a B as the mean, rather than the traditional B- or C mean used at CMU. Also, we will drop your 1 lowest homework score and your 2 lowest quiz scores.


Homework will go out each week on Friday. When the homework goes out, you already have all the material you need to do it that day. Homework will be due each week the following Friday at 1 p.m. sharp. Start right away! You must get the homework in on time because we give out solutions during recitation. There are no late days (not even late minutes). However we will drop your 1 lowest homework score at the end of the class. Please save up your drop for when you're sick or traveling. Homework is graded within a couple days. You can submit a regrade request on Gradescope (including a detailed explanation of why you think you were misgraded) within 2 days of when you get your homework grade. You will find the homework on the class website. You will turn in homework on Gradescope , which will also track your grades.