Current Research & Tutorials

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Expressive accompaniment with style transfer.

Invited Talk by Bittiger: An overview of computer music in 2 hours (in Chinese)

Invited Talk by Zao Jiu: Music AI and Creativity (In Chinese)

Expressive Human-computer music performance with improvisation.

Haptic guidance: A collaboration with Dartmouth aiming for new tutoring technology

Bio-music computing: use slime mold as a media to analyze and generate music.

Interactive Artificial Performers

  • 2015

Sally Garden performed by the piano robot and myself at Teotronica Inc. in Italy.

Sally Garden performed by the saxophone robot and myself at Waseda University in Japan.

With automated composition.

The Baseline (Rule-based) Method Vs. My Learning-based Method

  • 2014



My method

Danny Boy



My method

Berceuse from "Dolly" Suite



My method

La Derniere Rose

Note: My method is trained on 4 to 8 rehearsals. Based on the same melody played by a human, the two methods render the collaborative part differently.


Dancing Robot Driven by Music

  • 2012

The first try: just synchronized to music beats.

A further development: synchronized to music beats and conveying music emotions.