Disaster Relief Imaging

On May 27, 2006, the island of Java in Indonesia was struck by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake, just outside the city of Bantul.   Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced and over 50,0000 houses were damaged or destroyed.

Click here to load the Google Earth dynamic overlay, generated by the Global Connection project. These maps are from DLR's Center for Satellite-based Crisis Information and contain images of the city of Bantul:

To use the Google Earth dynamic overlay:

  • If you do not have Google Earth installed, it's a free download from earth.google.com
  • Click on the above link to load into Google Earth.
  • As you navigate to the area affected by the earthquake, you'll see the overlay appear. After you zoom or scroll and stop motion for about a second, Google Earth will automatically load the correct sections of the map. As you zoom in, the map overlays will become more detailed

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