Seminar on Linear Logic and Applications (15-850A)

Frank Pfenning, fp@cs, WeH 8127, x8-6343
Iliano Cervesato,, D-146, x8-1413
Carsten Schürmann,, D-146, x8-1413
Times: Tu Th 1:30-2:50
Room: WeH 5304
Credits: 1/2 Core Unit (CS), 1 CU possible as project unit
Mailing List: mail fp@cs to be included
Course Directory: /afs/cs/user/fp/courses/linear

This seminar examines linear logic with particular emphasis on applications in computer science. Basic topics to be covered include classical and intuitionistic linear logic, affine and relevance logics, natural deduction and sequent calculi, and decidability and complexity results for various fragments. Applications include linear type systems for functional languages, linear type inference, linear logic programming, concurrent languages based on linear logic, linear logical frameworks and type theories. Potential further topics include approaches to the model-theoretic semantics of linear logic and non-commutative linear logics. There are no formal prerequisites. However, students from outside Computer Science require permission by the instructor to enroll. Further details:
  • Schedule
  • Suggested topics and references
  • Lectures given so far
  • Bibliography on linear logic
  • Class Materials

    General handouts and hardcopies of the references below are available from Marge Profeta,, WeH 8110, x8-5025. Hardcopies of most papers are available from Iliano Cervesato and Carsten Schürmann, in D-146, x8-1413. Feel free to stop by their office, browse, and request copies. The D building is directly opposite the first floor entrance to Wean Hall.

    More on Linear Logic

    For more information see a home page on linear logic maintained by Pat Lincoln at SRI.

    Method of Evaluation

    The seminar relies on student initiative and participation. Students are expected to read papers, participate in class discussion, and present material from the literature in one or two seminar periods. Additional core unit credit is possible through the completion of a project, including a term paper.