15-816 Linear Logic

Celf: An Implementation of the Concurrent Logical Framework (CLF)

Celf implementation the concurrent logical framework (CLF). We first used it in Lecture 13 to implement the substructural operational semantics for a linear lambda-calculus. Documentation is spotty, unfortunately, but there are some sample programs. References will be posted with the lecture notes.

Here are short instructions for retrieving and installing it.

If you have smackage installed (https://gitub.com/standardml/smackage)

$ smackage refresh
$ smackage get celf
$ smackage make celf mlton # or smackage make celf smlnj
$ smackage make celf install
$ celf ~/.smackage/lib/celf/v2/tests/pi-async.clf

Otherwise (see also: http://clf.github.com/celf)

$ wget http://typesafety.net/celf-2.9.2.zip
$ unzip celf-2.9.2.zip
$ cd celf
$ make smlnj
$ ./celf tests/pi-async.clf

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Frank Pfenning