15-814 Types and Programming Languages

At various points in the course we may use small prototype implementations of the languages we are developing. Binaries for CMU students will be available at ~fp/bin/. A source distributions you may also be available (see below).


A small illustrative implementation of the untyped λ-calculus, the polymorphic λ-calculus, and the core of a call-by-value functional language.

You can find some information in readme.txt and some examples at examples/.

To run this on the linux.andrew.cmu.edu machines, invoke

$ ~fp/bin/lambda myexample.lam

or (for polymorphically typed code)

$ ~fp/bin/lambda myexample.poly

or (for call-by-value typed code)

$ ~fp/bin/lambda myexample.cbv    

or (for checking proofs in intuitionistic propositional logic)

$ ~fp/bin/lambda myexample.prf

Source Distribution

For installation instructions see the file readme.txt in the distribution. You will need the mlton compiler for Standard ML, but it also runs with SML/NJ.

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Frank Pfenning