15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation
Schedule - Fall 2015

The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.

Date   Lecture/Lab/Recitation   Reading/Handout   Code   Assignment

Tue Sep 1   Overview     mystery.c0    
Thu Sep 3   Contracts     code  

Tue Sep 8   Ints     slides   Written 1 due
Thu Sep 10   Arrays     code   SCAVENGER HUNT due

Tue Sep 15   Searching Arrays     code  
Thu Sep 17   Sorting Arrays     code   PIXELS due

Tue Sep 22   Binary Search     code  
Thu Sep 24   Quicksort     code   IMAGES due

Tue Sep 29   Data Structure Invariants     code  
Thu Oct 1   Stacks and Queues     code   DOSLINGOS due

Tue Oct 6   Linked Lists     code  
Thu Oct 8   Midterm Exam 1      

Tue Oct 13   Unbounded Arrays     code  
Thu Oct 15   Hash Tables     no code   CLAC due

Tue Oct 20   Sets (Interfaces)      
Thu Oct 22   Generic Data Structures     code, readme   EDITOR checkpoint
Fri Oct 23   Midsemester Break - No Classes (Mini-1 Final Exams Only)      

Tue Oct 27   Binary Search Trees     code      
Thu Oct 29   AVL Trees     code, slides   EDITOR due

Tue Nov 3   Priority Queues     no code  
Thu Nov 5   Restoring Invariants     code   ROPES due

Tue Nov 10   Data Structures in C     code      
Thu Nov 12   Midterm Exam 2      

Tue Nov 17   C's Memory Model     code   GENERIC QUEUES due
Thu Nov 19   Types in C     none  

Tue Nov 24   Virtual Machines   instruction set   examples   LIGHTS OUT due
Wed Nov 25   Thanksgiving Break - No Classes      
Thu Nov 26   Thanksgiving Break - No Classes      
Fri Nov 27   Thanksgiving Break - No Classes      

Tue Dec 1   Graph Representations     code  
Thu Dec 3   Graph Search     code   C0VM checkpoint

Tue Dec 8   Spanning Trees     no code  
Thu Dec 10   Union-Find     code   C0VM due

Thu Dec 17   Final Exam (8:30AM)    

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