Professional Bookmarks:

INRIA : French National Institute For Research In Computer Science And Control.
ResearchIndex : a scientific literature digital library.
Search Engine on Portable Document Format.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
The XML Cover Pages is a comprehensive online reference work for the Extensible Markup Language.
Europe's Network of Excellence for Agent-Based Computing.
FIPA : a non-profit organisation aimed at producing standards for the interoperation of heterogeneous software agents.
JADE : Java Agent DEvelopment Framework.
The Object Management Group (OMG).
Gracq, french community of knowledge engineering.
AFIA : French Association for Artificial Intelligence.
The Enterprise project: a major initiative to promote the use of knowledge-based systems in enterprise modelling.
TOVE : A Common-Sense Model of the Enterprise.
CYC® Ontology Guide.