Ian En-Hsu Yen

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My name is Ian En-Hsu Yen (also spelled as Enxu Yan). I am currently a PhD student at the Computer Science School of Carnegie Mellon University (Machine Learning Department), working with Pradeep Ravikumar and Inderjit Dhillon. I received my B.S./B.B.A/M.S. from CSIE/IM departments of National Taiwan University, where I worked with Shou-De Lin. My research focuses on large-scale Machine Learning and its applications in NLP, Vision, and AI. My thesis is about sublinear-time algorithms for large-output-domain classification and matrix factorization with binary factors. Please also see my CV for further information.

e-mail: eyan@cs.cmu.edu

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Carnegie Mellon University

University of Texas at Austin

National Taiwan University

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Working Experience

Google Research, New York Microsoft Research, Redmond IBM T.J.Watson Research Center @WalmartLabs Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center 104 Job Bank, online Human Resource Agency at Taiwan.

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Teaching/Tutorial Experience

Tutorial Talks

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