System Configuration

Frequencies Supported

The emulator currently supports all the 802.11b/g channels. Channels 1 and 11 may have slight signal integrity issues.

Node Configuration

The table below shows a snapshot of the nodes available on wireless emulator. You can get more up-to-date information, including information on what nodes are free, by going to the CMUlab web page (note: you need to log in):
The emulator nodes are pcd610, pcd620, and pcd630 (corresponding to the Dell D610, D620, and D630 ndoes). You can get more detailed information by clicking on the node name and the clicking "Show Details".

Current system configuration
Node NumberPC NameDSP PortHardwaresuggested OSWireless NICMultipathSoftware Defined Radio
1pcemu1010Dell D610FC6w-EMUAtherosNoNo
2pcemu1021Dell D610FC6w-EMUAtherosNoNo
3pcemu1032Dell D610FC6w-EMUAtherosNoNo
4pcemu1043Dell D610FC6w-EMUAtherosNoNo
5pcemu1054Dell D610FC6w-EMUAtherosNoNo
6pcemu1065Dell D610FC6w-EMUAtherosNoNo
7pcemu1076Dell D610FC6w-EMUAtherosNoNo
8pcemu1087Dell D610FC6w-EMUAtherosYesNo
9pcemu1098Dell D610FC6w-EMUAtherosYesNo
10pcemu1109Dell D610FC6w-EMUAtherosNoNo
11pcemu1110Dell D620FC6w-EMUAtherosNoNo
12pcemu1121Dell D620FC6w-EMUAtherosNoNo
13pcemu1132Dell D630FC6w-EMUAtherosYesYes
14pcemu1143Dell D630FC6w-EMUAtherosYesYes
15pcemu1154Dell D630FC6w-EMUAtherosYesYes

Each node has antenna port 1 connected to the emulator. Antenna port 2 is open.