Creating an Emulator/CMULab Account

Setting up an account is a three step process:

  1. Get account approval: The principal investigator for your project should contact Peter Steenkiste at to request an account. Please provide some background on your project and the names of the people who will need accounts. If the emulator will be used for course projects, the instructor will typically get approval on behalf of the entire class After you or your advisor/instructor have heard back from Peter Steenkiste, you should move on to the second step.
  2. Establish a CMUlab account:
    1. Go to and complete the registration form by clicking the Request Account icon on the left. Follow the "Join an Existing Project" link.
    2. Enter "emulator" for the project name and group name. If you overlook this step, your account will not be configured for emulator access! You can upload your ssh key later.
    3. You should receive an e-mail confirmation message from "Testbed Approval" within a day. If you don't, please contact
    4. Log in to using your account to complete the account request process.
    5. You account will need to be approved for emulator access specifically. This is a human-in-the-loop process and may take some time. Pester us if you haven't heard back in several day.
  3. After your account is ready, test your login by visiting the CMULab "boss" website and clicking on "Log in". After login, visit your profile (use the "Profile" tab on the top of the screen and the "Edit Profile" link on the left) to ensure that your personal information is correct. Please also set your login shell to bash using that interface - some emulator scripts will not work with other shells. Your emulator account has now been established. The next step is to configure your emulator account so you can start running experiments.