Wireless Network Emulator User Guide


The wireless network emulator testbed allows users to run wireless fully repeatable and controllable wireless experiments using real wireless hardware (802.11b devices). Here are some pointers to information about the emulator:

More information on the wireless network emulator can be found on the emulator web page and list of papers.

Start Here

The wireless network emulator is available to external users. To get access, read these first:

  1. One page architecture overview that is very useful for first time users.
  2. Create an account. You will need to wait for account approval.
  3. Configure your account

Using the Emulator

Once your account is set up, you are ready to use the emulator:

Here is a list of Examples we provide and a Tutorial that explains how to run these examples, including some screen shots.

The above information will only allow you to run simple, existing experiments. If you want to specify and run your own experiments, you will need to learn how to control the signal propagation environment, which we explain below.

Defining Experiments

Before delving into the documentation in this section, it is useful to understand how the emulator software is structured.

Controlling the Signal Propagation Environment

You can specify and dynamically control the signal propagation environment in two different ways

How to Define Experiments

The definition of an experiment on the wireless network emulator has two components. The first part is the specification of the nodes and their configuration through CMUlab, as described in create an experiments . The second part is the definition of the experiment itself on emucontrol-1, which can be done in three different ways:

The CMUlab hardware page list the nodes that are currently supported on the wireless network emulator. The current system configuration (sometimes out of date) shows what the capabilities of various nodes are. You can find out about node availability at the PC status page. Any node with a name like pcemu1xx is a publicly available emulator node. We are adding a facility to let you request specific node features e.g."A public emulator node with an external RF switch and multi-tap channels" but this is not available yet. For now, if you need special features you should contact emulator-help@cs.cmu.edu to determine which nodes will work for you.

Getting Help

You can get help in two ways:

Note: All wireless emulator experiment nodes must specify a "desire" of "wireless_1" like so:

$nodew1 add-desire wireless_1 1.0