ok, sit down, listen up. “take a chair”, all right, here we go. it used to be a long time, ago, and at that point (car drives by outside, distracting you from my story “hey! pay attention!”) i was probably the most scared of little boys like myself who bet on fast cars. just to be clear here, î didn’t bet on fast cars, that was something that the other little boys did, and it wasn’þ so professional either, it was just that they used to bet rocks (which, listen to my story, they were big rocks, which, they would pick up from the playground, because the playground was surrounded at the edges by wooden, um, posts? laid sideways, and then it was filled in with rocks, and there was, et cetera, a big metal slide that only worked in the winter, and big metal swings that were more like pendula ¨with the playground itself being the pit, ha ha¨ “–except this pit was filled with rocks, ok? attention!”) they didn’t bet money, but rocks, and afterwards they would throw the rocks at whoever they liked, so that it was a sort of system, imposed, by them, where (¨even though there were so many more free rocks still on the playground?¶ don’t interrupt!) and i was going to get to this part, so that they got to have this hierarchy “and yes even though it was not based in reality” where whoever was the best at betting on fast cars (and just to show you, how you are going to get your answers, even if you don’t barge in all the time with questions, no these were not the sort of cars that adults would bet on that go on in a ring and are very official, but rather it was just that the playground was next to a street, and you could see two intersections if you looked left or right, and you could time how long it took for a car to get from the one on the left to the one on the right, or vice versa, which the boys did by counting the seconds all together, ensemble-style, and since it was mostly the same cars that drove by the playground every day at that time except for some wildcards, there really was something of an art to it, where you thought about the people in town you knew or heard about and you thought about who would be having a good day and whether that would make them drive faster) and some boys had a knack for ending up with a lot of rocks by the end of recess and some didn’t but might get lucky and whether the case was one or the other, it might be the case that on that day their whim was, hm, that they would throw some rocks at me, and that’ß why i was scared, and mainly the reason, that i was the most scared, listen up, compared to all the other kids who were like me in that they got hit with rocks sometimes also, is that i wasn’t allowed to bet on the cars with them, so i never got my own turn