Narconon – Watsonville Facility (01/01/04 to 02/12/2007)

(Note: details of calls based on information provided by Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department.
This facility is located in a rural location on acreage, much like the proposed facility on
Bouquet Canyon Road.)






6:45 pm


Reporting party is standing by at the Watsonville Police Department lobby.



2:43 pm

Missing Person

Call involves Narconon Watsonville address



8:38 pm


Call involves Narconon Watsonville address



11:54 am

Attempt to Contact

Call involves Narconon Watsonville address




4:12 pm

Civil Standby

Call involves Narconon Watsonville address



11:21 am

Missing Person

Call involves Narconon Watsonville address



2:47 pm

Possession of Marijuana


Call involves Narconon Watsonville address



1:19 pm

Had Been Drinking

35 year old male, unconscious, breathing, had seizure.



8:54 pm

Missing Person

Reporting Party’s son left the facility after being dropped off yesterday, possible destination is Oakland/Berkley Area.  Subject was seen hitchhiking by the staff at Narconon. 



6:23 pm

Missing Person

Reporting Party’s 20 year old daughter left Narconon.  Incident occurred yesterday. Reporting Party is requesting a unit. 



7:42 pm

Missing Person

Reporting Party’s daughter left Narconon on Tuesday and has not been heard from since.  This is a duplicate call from 1/11/06.  Reporting Party wants a call back from Sheriff’s Department.




11:29 am

Missing Person

Missing person report Case #06-136 canceled.



4:30 pm

Missing Person

Missing person report Case #06-470 canceled.



11:20 pm


Incident occurred one hour ago.  Patient spoke to Reporting Party in a threatening manner.  Suspect is staying in remote part of Narconon.  Sheriff’s Department response determined negative threats/crime.  Reporting Party has some questions about a civil issue with patients at the facility.



3:05 am

Shots fired

Five rapid fire shots heard southeast of Narconon.  Nothing else seen or heard. 



11:42 am


Last night the Reporting Party’s 31 year old boyfriend’s mom dropped him off at Narconon.  The Reporting Party was told that she could pick him up today but when she tried, the staff at Narconon would not let her talk to him or anything.  Per the Reporting Party, there is no mandatory court treatment program.  Reporting Party wants to know if there is anything she can do since she drove 6 hours to come get him.  Reporting Party is requesting a unit to contact her.



10:37 am

Civil Standby

Reporting Party is standing by in burgundy Chev Monte Carlo.  Reporting Party needs to pick up girlfriend at Narconon.  She says the girlfriend is being held against her will.  The girlfriend called the Reporting Party yesterday and they will not let her make calls or leave on her own.  Reporting Party is standing by on Gaffey Road and is waiting for a unit.  Deputies made warrant arrest from this enforcement contact.








7:33 pm

Missing Person

Reporting Party’s son is supposed to be at Narconon for heroin use.  He left the program 30 days ago.  He was spotted 2 weeks ago in a Watsonville area grocery store.  Reporting Party is claiming he is a missing person.




12:28 am

Medical Emergency

40 year old male in upper cabin is detoxing and is not responding.  Conscious and breathing.  Someone will be outside Narconon at the entrance to the property to flag deputy down.  Deposition of enforcement contact – had been drinking.



10:31 am


Reporting Party said he was being threatened and then hung up.  Dispatcher was unable to call back the Reporting Party.  Dispatcher knew location belonged to Narconon and indicated the caller sounded mentally disturbed (5150 WIC)  California Department of Foresty units responded and arrived on scene first and requested sheriff’s respond.  Units responded to Narconon.  Claim of 242 PC – battery against another person.  Patient was “loaded up.”



10:51 am

Medical Emergency

Unknown type of medical emergency call.  Possibly drinking involved.  Reporting Party was now on the line saying he is a nurse for a patient at a drug rehab (Narconon).



8:24 am

Missing Person

Reporting Party is notifying Sheriff’s that her “son has returned.”



12:54 pm


Reporting Party was looking to verify the business exists and the story that she could not talk to her son.



4:09 am


Reporting Party dropped 20 year old son off at Narconon last night.  The more she thinks about it the more concerned she gets that this rehab may not be on the up and up.  She is concerned it may be some sort of cult that will brainwash her son.


12:29 am

Shots Fired

Two shots heard then Reporting Party head a car squeal away.  Only heard, no description.  Now there is someone trespassing on the property.  The subject is near the large building.  Suspect is male.  Too dark to give a further description.  Reporting Party lost visual contact and has no idea who this person is.  The subject was wandering around looking at things on the property.  The subject ran towards the back of the property.  Suspect is wearing a white hoodie, unknown pants.  There are cars on the road below driving fast up and down, very uncharacteristic.  Reporting Party just heard a snapping about 10 feet away on the left of the building.  CHP has been advised and is checking to see if they have a unit south to cover.  The subject first came up from a ravine at the back of the property and he was headed towards the building.  One sheriff’s unit is standing by waiting on going in until cover unit arrives.  Reporting Party heard noises from the back shed.  Several cars were noted as being on the property.  CHP is staying near the house.  Officers are walking through woods to see what they can flush out.   Nothing further.



12:40 am

Welfare Check

Originally came in as 911 call – hang up.  Phone is disconnected on call back.  No further information.  This is at Narconon.  “CONSIDERABLE HISTORY AT THIS LOCATION” notes the dispatcher.



3:53 pm

Suspicious vehicle

Per Reporting Party, a red Toyota MR2 has driven up the drive and “looks strange.”  Hispanic male, early 20s, black hair, facial hair, unknown clothing.  This is at the Narconon facility.  The Reporting Party did not speak with the suspect. Per the Reporting Party, he thinks the suspect may be “using drugs” since he has on sunglasses.  Reporting Party wants deputies to check the area.  Reporting Party called back to cancel responding units.  The suspect is getting his items from the facility.


9:40 am

911 call

Open line briefly and then disconnected.  Dispatcher was not able to call back and tried to find a listing for another number inside Narconon.  Employee was contacted who stated they were no problems.



4:41 pm


Incident occurred 2 hours ago at Narconon.  Victim was standing by at “Docs on Duty.”



1:21 pm


Occurred at approximately 2130 hours.  Female was possibly sexually assaulted while out on a walk.  The suspect is known.  The Reporting Party is standing by in the Watsonville Police Department lobby.  Reporting Party is the victim and the female is the possible suspect.  Reporting Party cannot provide much further due to being in a public place.  Have deputy contact Reporting Party in the police department lobby.



10:31 am

Follow up

Traffic stop follow up at Narconon

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