Jeff X's Narconon Experience

My name is "Jeff X" and I was a student at several Narconon centers in 2003 and 2004. Let me give you a little taste of my experience. I was sent there by my parents for alcohol and drug abuse. The first go around was at a center called Narconon Quebec. It was in a little town outside of Montreal called St. Roch. I was there for approximately 4 months. I went thru and completed the program.

Inside the center there was active drug use. It was not tolerated by staff but continued the duration of my stay. Marijuana, alcohol, and heroin I not only saw consumed but unfortunately consumed myself. I did heroin for the first time in my life at a Narconon center. The majority of the people there were being treated for opiate abuse. I myself was there for cocaine and a alcohol. I left the center and returned home and I received familiar results: I was neck deep in abuse very quickly.

One of the reasons I was sent there was because they told my parents there is a guarantee if you complete the program and relapse you can come back for what they call a re-tread for free. So about 8 months later I was back at Narconon but this time they had expanded the facility and had moved to another building on the top of a mountain; the name of the town is escaping me right now. They taught the "technology" there and people were either bussed to the St. Roch location for the sauna part of the program or could choose to stay at the original center while they did their sauna. Most people chose to stay.

There was only two staff members on site at St. Roch, and one was an ex-student. They encourage you to stay after your treatment is completed for more clean time. Again there was more drug use but this time I chose to abstain from it. I wanted to get it right this time. And it was more open; it was honestly like a free-for-all: we had access to all parts of the building and I actually have video tape of this. One of the students brought his video camera with him and we made tape of the facility and taped everyday life at a Narconon. Well, the funding apparently ran out and they had to shut down the facility on top of the mountain and move everybody back to St. Roch. Then about a month later we had to move out of St. Roch and move to Narconon's Three Rivers facility. At this point I wanted out so I left and came back home.

Narconon Quebec went belly up and the rest of Quebec's students were siphoned through Three Rivers. It was a total disaster and the worst experience of my life. I still talk to several people that were students with me and if you need corroboration please let me know. I don't want money or anything like that. I just believe people should know.

Thank you for your time in this matter,

"Jeff X"

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