Stop Narconon in Newport Beach!

(That's what people say about Narconon Southern California.)




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Locatelli Lawsuit Against Narconon of Southern California & Narconon Joshua Hills

Mendoza Lawsuit Against Narconon Newport Beach

New Site for Newport Beach Residents Overrun by Drug Rehabs

  • Visit to see how the citizens of Newport Beach are fighting back against drug rehab profiteers destroying residential neighborhoods.
  • Narconon's listing in the Newport Beach Hall of Shame.

Warning! No Insurance Reimbursement for Narconon

Narconon is not accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Therefore, no health insurance provider will reimburse the $20,000 cost of a Narconon stay. This includes Blue Cross. If you paid this fee in advance based on Narconon's assurance that reimbursement can be obtained later, contact an attorney.

Narconon Harassing Its Neighbors:

Legal threats against Dr. Linda Orozco, a neighbor who has complained about Narconon's ongoing zoning violations and nuisance behavior:

These threats appear to violate the California anti-SLAPP law.

The Rich vs. the Addicts, Orange County Weekly (Dec. 10, 2004), includes a picture of Linda Orozco and details of the troubles Narconon is causing for the neighborhood.

Neighbors of Narconon, a video interview with Newport Beach residents Barbara Roy and Linda Orozco, both of whom live near the Narconon Newport Beach facility. This is followed by a clip of shouting and other loud sounds emanating from the Narconon building in Warner Springs, recorded at 8:05 pm on June 4, 2006, illustrating what the neighbors have to put up with.

Notice of Deficiency

  • November 11, 2004: this notice of deficiency lists a variety of licensing violations, including failure to provide a staff member who is First Aid and CPR qualified, facility safety issues (uncovered light fixtures), unsafe or unsanitary bathroom conditions, unsatisfactory bedding, incomplete staff records, and lack of required tuberculosis testing.

Letters of interest:
  • Oct 27, 2003 - Occupancy Violations Complaint to Fire Marshall Dennis Lockhard & Jay Elbettar, Director of Building Dept. City of Newport Beach (pdf, text)

  • Oct 30, 2003 - COMPLAINT Violation of State License to Rebecca Lira, Deputy Director-Licensing and Certification Division David Feinberg, Manager- Resident & Outpatient Program Compliance Branch (pdf, text)

  • Nov 5, 2003 - Letter to Kathryn Jett, Director & David Feinberg, Compliance Manager Alcohol & Drug Programs State of California (pdf, text) "Constant profanity, inside and outside the property, that can be heard 2-3 houses away... Sounds of vomiting at all hours (distance to next door neighbors is only 6 ft)"

  • Nov 20, 2003 - Letter to Assemblyman John Campbell (pdf, text)

  • Jan 30, 2004 - Letter to Timothy Riley, Fire Chief-City of Newport Beach Homer Bludau, City Manager-City of Newport Beach SUBJECT: Drug & Alcohol Rehab Business on Residential Property- Zoning Code Violations (pdf, text)

  • May 20, 2004 - Letter to Newport Beach Planning Commission (pdf, text)

  • May 21, 2004 - 2nd Letter of Complaint to Fire Marshall Dennis Lockhard City of Newport Beach (pdf, text)

  • Form letter to complain (pdf, text)

  • September 9, 2005: Warning about Newport Beach officials' intention to illegally approve occupancy limit expansion for Narconon.

More Documents

Narconon Sending Ex-Drug Addicts into the Schools:

Narconon of Southern California (Newport Beach) sent ex-drug addict Gerry Marshall into public schools to give kids L. Ron Hubbard's ideas about drugs.

Narconon collected letters from teachers where Marhsall spoke, and webbed them. Now they're trying to cover their tracks by expurgating the letters. They've replaced most names by initials, and removed some school names and dates. See for yourself:

Another interesting change they made was to replace the business name "Theta Art" with "Beautiful Artwork". (See the two versions of the June 12, 2002 letter from Wilson High School in East LA.) Why did they do this? "Theta" is a Scientology term, and "Theta Art" is a Scientology-affiliated business.

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