Narconon's Place on the Scientology Org Board

If anyone disputes that Narconon is part of Scientology, they can look at issue #27 of International Scientology News, dated May 2004, to see exactly where Narconon fits in the Scientology organizational hierarchy.

An article called "A Turning Point In Our History" discusses how Scientology is moving to expand its operations, to achieve its goal of "clearing the planet". The diagram below, from page 20, shows how Dianetics groups (pyramid symbol), Narconon (stick figure, circled in red), Applied Scholastics (open book icon), the Way to Happiness Foundation (circle with sunrise), the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (lion icon), Scientology Volunteer Ministers (the eight-pointed cross), and Scientology Missions International (SMI logo) are all the responsibility of the Scientology "central org", i.e., the Scientology church, shown as the building with the S-and-triangles logo:

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Narconon logos

In the same article there is a discussion of the Public Divisions, part of the "org board" of every Scientology church. Division 6C of the org board is responsible for "Field Activity", i.e., the front groups that Scientology uses to make inroads into society. In the full size image below, taken from page 21, you can see the Narconon and Criminon logos (circled in red):

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Closeup of Narconon and Criminon logos

Although Narconon explicitly denies that it is part of Scientology, this is clearly a lie intended only for the general public. What the Church of Scientology tells its own members is that Narconon is "the bridge to The Bridge", i.e., another route by which people can be recruited into Scientology.

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