ABLE's Bob Adams Erased

Bob Adams in Scientology's
Impact Magazine issue 103, April 2003

Bob Adams before his erasure

Bob Adams was a Senior Vice President at ABLE International, the Association for Better Living and Education, and a director of Narconon International. ABLE is the parent organization for four Scientology front groups: Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics, and The Way to Happiness Foundation. You can read more about ABLE at

Bob has reached the highest level of spiritual training available to Scientologists: Operating Thetan Level VIII. He is truly a master of the universe, "at cause over MEST" (Matter, Energy, Space, and Time). He's also a Patron of the International Association of Scientologists, meaning he's contributed at least $40,000 to Scientology's "war chest" for harassing its enemies.

In March 2004 Bob was "disappeared" from the ABLE web site. Why? We think it has to do with his having threatened, on the phone, someone at their work site in order to try to find out details of the SF Chronicle article that reporter Nanette Asimov was writing about Narconon's infiltration of the San Francisco school system. When Mr. Adams' threatening activities became known, ABLE decided to erase him. Here is the evidence:

  • Article from before the Adams incident, prominently featuring Mr. Adams. It says that "Sheriff Baca received the award from ABLE International's Senior Vice President, Bob Adams."

  • Same article after the incident; Mr. Adams' name has been removed. Now it says "Sheriff Baca received the award from the President of ABLE International, Rena Weinberg." And the photograph in which Adams appears with Baca has been shifted to a less prominent position.

This is not the first time Bob Adams has embarrassed his Scientology masters. In 1999 he issued a press release in which he libeled Olympic swimmer Mark Tewksbury, claiming incorrectly that Tewksbury had been stripped of his title due to illegal drug use. (Mr. Tewksbury, a member of the Canadian Olympic Association, voluntarily resigned his position to protest corruption at the IOC.) A retraction had to be issued to correct the record.

And possible criminal activity in the mid-1990s by a "Robert Adams" connected with Scientology is described on this page at

So now Bob has been "disappeared", including his I am a Scientologist spam page, but we have an archived copy. Also see his list of Scientology course completions.

The email link from this archived page shows his ABLE affiliation; the original page was (here). Perhaps Bob will be rehabilitated some day.

Here is another page about Bob's activities.

In 2006, Bob Adams turned up as spokesman for the Church of Scientology International; full text of the press release is here.

May 10, 2006: Bob Adams lies outrageously about Xenu on KCOL radio in Colorado.

June 23, 2006: Bob Adams again lies about Xenu, this time on KGO radio. As Scientology's official spokesperson, he knows very well that his Church has sued multiple people for copyright infringement for publishing the Xenu story, a document known as OT III. And numerous previous spokespeople have acknowledged Xenu. So lying about this now is just silly.

January 29, 2008: Bob Adams appears in this Australian TV News segment spouting the usual Scientology lies about Tory Christman.

June 18, 2012: Bob Adams represents Scientology at a zoning hearing in Sandy Springs, Georgia. His title is given as Vice President of the Church of Scientology International.

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