This isn't the first time Sheriff Baca has played footsie with Scientology.

You've got to wonder why Sheriff Baca is giving his support to Scientology. Labelled a destructive cult in France and Germany,  Scientology's fifty-year history is rife with evidence of lies, fraud,  harassment, intimidation and abuse.  Following FBI raids on Scientology offices in the 1970s, the Scientology organization was revealed as having perpetrated the largest domestic espionage case in U.S. history.  This incident, called 'Operation Snow White' by the cult, involved the theft of government documents and bugging government offices. Scientologists were placed in positions of access.  The raids recovered thousands of stolen documents taken and squirreled away by the cult.

Following Operation Snow White, Scientology claimed that the responsible entity, the Guardians Office, had been disbanded. In fact, it was only renamed the Office of Special Affairs, (OSA) and continues to investigate, harass and intimidate Scientology critics to this day.

So, why would Sheriff Baca be involved with Scientology?

This is a complex question. Association with Scientology has proven to be a political Kiss of Death, when such a relationship is publicized.  L. Ron Hubbard was aware of the value in cultivating opinion leaders and celebrities.  In 1971, he wrote the following definition of opinion leaders;

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



"An "Opinion Leader" is that being to whom others look for interpretation of publicity or events. Through wisdom, proximity to data sources, personality or other factors including popularity itself, certain members of the group, company, community or nation are looked to by others for evaluation."

Opinion leaders and celebrities are carefully cultivated by the Scientology organization. This can include campaign donations, awards ceremonies, invitations to celebrity-studded gala events,  and  other perks.  For example, here you can see Sheriff Baca sharing face time with Scientologist/actress Sofia Milos, riding on the Scientology 'Way to Happiness' float in the 2004 Hollywood Christmas parade!  Sofia Milos, incidentally, is now playing a new role as the girlfriend of San Francisco Mayor  Gavin Newsom.  We eagerly await Mayor Newsom's inevitable endorsement of Scientology front groups as a result of this cunning placement.

Sheriff Baca is also featured prominently on other Scientology websites, receiving awards and attending gala events at the Celebrity Center. Indeed, he recently attended a fund raiser for Scientology front group, 'Youth for Human Rights.' The event raised $50,000 for this group, which; if you know anything about Scientology's abysmal human rights record, is nothing more than an attempt to jump on yet another 'social betterment' bandwagon. Scientology, to this day, operates its version of a reeducation camp reminiscent of the prison camps of Soviet Russia and China. Called the 'Rehabilitation Project Force,' or RPF,  Scientologists belonging to the Sea Org, Scientology's paramilitary group, can be held against their will indefinately. They live under conditions which violate their basic human rights, denied sleep and decent food, their mail is monitored, and they often have no contact with the outside world and family.
An overview of Sheriff Baca's relationship with the "Church" of Scientology can be read here:

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