New Hubbard Professional TR Course

This document is a summary and review of the New Hubbard Proffesional TR Course pack, which is copyright (c) 1989 by the L. Ron Hubbard Library. Quotations are made under the "fair use" provision of the US copyright code.


Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter. These are printed in green ink on white paper. The collected policy letters are also issued in hardbound volumes with green covers, known as "green volumes".

Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin. These are technical bulletins, printed in red ink on white paper. They are also issued in hardbound volumes with red covers.

Proffesional Auditor's Bulletin, is a series of publications written by Hubbard in the early days of Scientology. Thes are printed in black ink, and are also included in the red bound volumes.

A Scientology periodical from the early days of the movement.

The notation "1971R II" refers to the second revision of a bulletin originally issued in 1971.

Contents of the Course Pack

The pack is divided into four sections, but 22 of the 26 bulletins are in the second section, Training Routines. Most bulletins are 2-3 pages in length.

Keeping Scientology Working

This section contains a couple of policy letters (harangues would be a more accurate description) that appear at the beginning of every Scientology course pack.

Training Routines


TRs Clay Table Processing and TRs 0-4 in Clay

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