Gavino Idda: Scientology's Internet Terrorist

Gavino Idda, a member of Scientology's Sea Organization and its infamous Office of Special Affairs, is waging war against free speech on the Internet -- when that speech concerns Scientology.

As detailed on Tory Christman's web site, Idda has been involved in numerous plots to shut down discussion on the alt.religion.scientology news group, including:
  • Flooding the newsgroup with massive amounts of gibberish in order to drown out discussion.

  • Flooding the newsgroup with massive amounts of pro-Scientology boilerplate, much of it taken from the "What is Scientology?" book.

  • Forging the names of Scientology critics to offensive racist posts that were then cross-posted to other newsgroups.

  • Flooding the newsgroup with off-topic anti-psychiatry posts.

  • Doing all of the above from accounts opened under stolen names and addresses, with fake phone numbers.

  • Posting libelous personal attacks on Scientology critics.

The second photo at left appeared in Impact, a Scientology publication, in 1991.

Idda has aged some 15 years since these photos were taken.

I think he looks a bit like the freaky filmmaker John Waters.

If the resemblance has persisted, he might look like this today.

A more recent photo of Gavino Idda, walking in a group of Sea Org members. He appears to have lost the mustache. This was taken around 2004, outside of OSA headquarters at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Ivar Avenue in Los Angeles.
Gavino also bears a resemblance to the actor Martin Ferrero, shown at left, who played "Izzy Moreno", the prototypical "'Panama Pimp" on Miami Vice. (Hat tip: Zinjifar)

Dave Touretzky
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