Scientologist Bryan Zwan and the Scandals at Digital Lighwave

Bryan Zwan was the founder of Digial Lightwave, a Clearwater, Florida company that was involved in several scandals resulting in lawsuits and SEC action. Details can be found at

Zwan's problems stemmed directly from his involvement in the Church of Scientology, a notoriously abusive cult group. At the height of Zwan's problems he was employing Denise Miscavige Licciardi in a management capacity.

The photo at left shows Bryan Zwan and his wife June posing with David Miscavige, "Chairman of the Board" of Religious Technology Center, leader of the Scientology cult. David is the brother of Denise Miscavige Licciardi. The Zwans are being presented with the IAS (International Association of Scientologists) Silver Meritorious Award, given to members who have contributed more than $750,000 to the cult's war chest.

Photo source: Scientology's Impact Magazine, issue 105, September 2003, page 22. You can also view the full page.

In their later years, the Zwans left Scientology and reportedly regretted their involvement with the group. Bryan Zwan died in 2015.

Dave Touretzky
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