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3 December 2002
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Scientology benefits literacy, rehabilitation

By John Mintz

Wisconsin State Journal
February 24, 2001

Wisconsin State Journal columnist Nicole E. Rogers' take on reality shows, "Bugs a' la Martha" on Feb. 9, was appropriately outrageous and humorous, but I was bothered by the fact that she chose to denigrate a religion about which she may know very little. Would she have made the same comment about a religion more well-known than Scientology?

Whenever I see such a remark, I wonder if the person who wrote it has any idea of the thousands of people who have benefited from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's discoveries in the fields of literacy and drug rehabilitation. Thanks to the efforts of organizations like the World Literacy Crusade, which uses Hubbard's study technology, more than 1 million children and adults can now read.

More than 100,000 people, including inmates of Ensenada State Prison in Mexico, have been salvaged from the ravages of drug addiction and have regained their self-respect through the work of Narconon, a drug rehabilitation program based on the work of Hubbard.

-- Susan Strozewski, Church of Scientology, Chicago