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Homeowners fight against lodge change

Tulsa World
June 11, 2000

Property owners have asked the Oklahoma Department of Health to reverse a decision that could help the new owners of Arrowhead Lodge turn it into a Narconon drug rehabilitation center.

Arrowhead Estates trustees, who say they represent more than 1,300 property owners, wrote a letter to Jerry Regier, the acting director of the Health Department, to reconsider a certificate of need granted to Narconon.

"There are a number of things that trouble us about the move of Narconon to Arrowhead Lodge," trustees Bud Shaw and Lois Hartman wrote in a May 31 letter.

Shaw and Hartman cited a petition signed by more than 100 residents.

Under the law, Regier must decide by Monday whether to grant a new hearing on Narc- onon's plans, Health Department spokeswoman Leslea Bennett-Webb said.

The 75-bed Narconon Chilocco New Life Center in Newkirk plans to move and expand to as many as 300 beds at Arrowhead Lodge, near Canadian in Pittsburg County.

The center's executive director, Gary Smith, said many Arrowhead Estates residents don't support the trustees' letter.