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Letters to the Editor: Scientology and schools

San Francisco Chronicle (California)
June 13, 2004

Editor -- It's no secret that Narconon uses techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard ("Scientology link to public schools," June 9). Did you think this was news?

Your article did not mention that the program works, or that it is drug free. Our son had been in and out of treatment programs for more than two decades. We believed that "drug addiction was a lifelong disease," that he would always be a "recovering addict." Thanks to Narconon, he no longer uses drugs!

He is not a Scientologist. We aren't either, but we are very grateful to the man who developed the Narconon program.

Narconon teaches people to take responsibility for their own lives. I cannot imagine a more positive program. If Narconon's drug education keeps even one student from using drugs, shouldn't we encourage it instead of sabotaging it?


-- -- --

Editor -- I don't know what appalled me most in your article on Narconon in San Francisco schools: that our kids are fed pseudo-scientific claptrap as gospel, that they're told that all drugs are essentially "poison" that stays in the body (bad news for kids who've had Novocaine or asthma medication), or that the school district is unfazed by Narconon's trouble with telling the truth.

Thank goodness San Francisco schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman is taking a closer look. There isn't enough class time in the day to waste it on disproven quackery.

San Francisco