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3 December 2002
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Seminar on "no to drugs yes to life"

The Pakistan Newswire
October 30, 2002

Tai's Karate International hosted a seminar, here Wednesday, titled "say no to drugs, yes to life" in collaboration with Anti Narcotics Forces, Sindh at their Head Quarter. On the visiting team of Narconon International, USA Mr. Geoffrey Barton and Ms. Agnes Alymagambetov gave lecture and demonstration. Mr. Barton in his lecture said that prevention beings with parents and families, and requires the support of schools and communities, and you can save someone's life by ten drugs awareness principles as (1) Drugs are poison (2) Drugs effect the mind (3) People take drugs to get rid of unwanted feelings (4) When a drugs wears off, the persons wants more (5) Alcohol is the most used drug all (6) Hashish damages the lungs, nerves and brain (7) Ecstasy is one of the most dangerous drug (8) drugs ruin creativity (9) drugs dull all your senses and (10) drugs stay in the body for years after you take them. Presents in seminar were Khalid Tepu, Assistant Director, Anti Narcotics Force, Sindh Majeed Kaleem, President the Helper Organization Pakistan, Sardar Khan and students of Tai's Karate International. On the occasion Grand Master M.Ashraf Tai in his assured Anti Narcotics Force, Sindh that his 500,000 students will spread the message "no to drugs yet life" throughout Pakistan. Program Coordinators Munawar Ali, Chief Instructor and Tariq Saeed, Chief Examiner distributed the drug prevention booklets among the guests and karatekaz and large number of students of Tai centers who were present on occasion.