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Scientology Ready For Effort

The Oregonian
March 5, 2001

As mentioned in your story ["Non- traditional faiths likely to put Bush initiative to the test," Feb. 20], the Church of Scientology welcomes the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives. We've had a number of queries on this since your story, and so we wanted to respond.

Some church-supported or -endorsed programs, not the church itself, will request the federal funds on the basis of their impressive results. These are secular social betterment charities such as the drug rehabilitation program Narconon and criminal rehabilitation program Criminon as well as literacy projects. Most have been in existence in many states for more than a quarter-century, and have results which speak very strongly for themselves.

Based on everything the Bush administration and the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives have said so far, we expect those programs will be given fair and equal treatment based on their efficacy. After all, this is America, and here, merit still counts.

Church of Scientology
Celebrity Centre
Southwest Portland