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Newkirk Center OK'd; Mooreland Bid Axed

The Oklahoman
January 26, 1989

The state Health Planning Commission on Wednesday approved a certificate of need for a drug and alcohol treatment center near Newkirk, but denied a request for a similar facility in a defunct hospital in Mooreland.

The commission unanimously approved construction of the Narconon Chilocco Treatment Center in Newkirk, but only for half of the number of beds in the original request. The Chilocco Development Authority had requested approval for 150 beds in the facility, but was only granted 75. The commission said a 75-bed facility would be economically feasible.

Cost of the project is $400,000 for renovation and $16,265,000 in total lease payments over 25 years. The center will be on the campus of the Chilocco Indian School near Newkirk.

The commission unanimously denied a certificate of need request from Rivers of Life Inc. for a 60-bed alcohol and drug abuse treatment facility in the old Mooreland hospital. The commission said there were other services in the area and that the project could not be "economically accomplished and maintained" as presented by the applicant's budget.