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Church programs keep people off drugs

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal
April 25, 2001

In an editorial (Intell, April 17) on a poll by the Pew Charitable Trusts regarding attitudes on the subject of giving government money to religious groups, support for the funding of various religious programs was mentioned.

As the Church of Scientology is very much involved in supporting social betterment programs, it was included in the poll.

In all the talk about the president's plan, there has been no mention of what programs the Church of Scientology supports. One such program is Narconon (meaning no drugs). Narconon is a secular drug rehabilitation program begun in 1966 that has freed over 100,000 people from the chains of drugs. Narconon drug education has reached hundreds of thousands more and educated them on the truth about drugs.

There is also the World Literacy Crusade, a secular literacy program based on the educational discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard, which has helped over a quarter of a million people learn to read and study.

We live in a society that is facing increasing drug use, crime and illiteracy and declining moral values. The Church of Scientology supports effective drug rehabilitation and literacy programs, which have enjoyed excellent relations with their local communities. These programs are open to people regardless of race, color or creed and have proven their effectiveness time and time again.

Any funding of social betterment programs should be based upon merit and effectiveness at achieving results. The president has stated that this will be the case, and I see no reason not to believe him.

Bruce Thompson
Church of Scientology