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Drug treatment

The Idaho Statesman
September 16, 2002

A letter about Narconon was published in your paper and contained some misinformation.

Narconon is an international drug and alcohol treatment program. It is not run by the Church of Scientology.

While both Narconon and the Church of Scientology use methodology developed by the same man, they are completely different and separate entities.

Narconon has been independent of any church or any organization since it was founded in 1970. Further, Narconon Idaho, Inc. has existed as a licensed, non-profit corporation in Burley since June, 2001.

Neither we nor any of our staff or volunteers are members of the Church of Scientology. Students in the Narconon program are encouraged (and often facilitated) to participate in worship at the church of their choice.

We also "urge the people of Boise County to educate themselves about this organization and its mission." You will find an organization helping people overcome addictions and take charge of their lives again. Seven of 10 addicts are free of their addiction using the Narconon methodology. Check us out at or call 208-678-2001. We won't make a move in your community without letting you know.

William F. Jensen MBA, ICADC and Maria G. Jensen RN, ICADC, Narconon Idaho, Inc.,