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In the background: Scientology under cover of drugs

Die Rheinpfalz, Germany
by Anne-Susann von Ehr
13 July 2001

Who is behind a presentation in Erfenbach?

"Say No to Drugs - say Yes to Life" - those are the words used to advertise for a "free presentation" in Erfenbach. The leaflet is being distributed in places which include social institutions in Kaiserslautern. At first glance there is nothing on it which indicates that it is about a Scientology event.

According to the leaflet, the presentation on Saturday afternoon is to explain "what drugs do" and "what it means to be physically and mentally free from drugs ..." Afterwards "about two hours for a special question and answer session on specific problems" is scheduled. Site of the event is the Kapellenhof Gasthaus in Erfenbach. Answering questions for discussion and taking (requested pre-)registration is Inge Geib. "Inge Geib is listed in the 1994 'Impact' magazine as a patron," we were notified by Christoph Bussen, the sect commissioner of Speyer Diocese. The title of "Patron" is bestowed only upon those who have paid at least 40,000 dollars into Scientology's "war chest."

Marc Metzger, who is giving the presentation, is also a professed Scientologist. "I am a Scientologist and support religious tolerance," he welcomes visitors to his home page, on which he describes his personal and business success "with Scientology." The groups which he says he supports include drug-therapy initiative "Narconon," which is one of Scientology's "cover organizations." Scientology has been under surveillance by Constitutional Security since the end of the 1990s.

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Health Department has been warning people about the "Say No to Drugs - Say Yes to Life" and "Narconon" for at least seven years. People are urgently warned from attempting to use "Narconon" to withdraw from drugs because the "Narconon" self-help initiative's "decontamination and habit-breaking program are based on Scientology's pseudo-scientific theories and techniques." Caution is also advised when dealing with the "Narconon" initiative, which, according to the health department, "under the guise of social-humanitarian aspects has in mind, besides the dissemination of Scientology ideology, introducing drug-dependent people into 'Narconon.'"