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Drug withdrawal can be painless

Canberra Times, 24 July 2000

IN RECENT years, Australia adopted the Dutch approach to street drugs, that is, to live with the problem rather than actively solve it. So our rate of cannabis use by teenagers now well exceeds that of the United States.

Cannabis leads to other drugs. Thousands would like freedom if withdrawal was not so very hideous and painful. It is real news that withdrawal can be without agony or 'assisting" drugs.

A program called Narconon allows smooth withdrawal by combining concentrated nutrients (including a calming formula of calcium and magnesium) and special contacting processes to make the individual comfortable.

Drug residues are then cleaned out of fat cells. Russian scientists noted this unique detoxification process as the most effective means of freeing victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster from radiation.

The last stages of Narconon tackle problems which lead to drug use.

Narconon is astoundingly successful in Spain, Italy, Sweden and other countries. It is very good news indeed that the first Australian facility is now at Mangrove Mountain, NSW.

Beaconsfield, NSW