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Another treatment

The Barre Montpelier Times Argus
May 17, 2001

For two years now, methadone clinics have been shoved down our throats in public debate. It is amply proven that methadone is not the best, wisest, nor the only means to help Vermont's substance abuse victims. It is not even a good start. Methadone ... is one of the most difficult addictions to treat, or try to kick. Worse, it is a life sentence to a dismal spiral of misery. Addiction is not living, it is a virtual living death, totally devoid of quality or dignity. Does Vermont need a state-funded program that literally throws our young into the jaws of a lifetime of horror and misery? Promoting, supporting, or funding such could never be considered recovery friendly, nor could it be close to compassionate intent for hope for a quality life for our children.

I say it's time for all concerned Vermonters to be brave, and loudly assertive against anything so cruel. ...

Previously, I have suggested the programs of Narconon International, Los Angeles, Calif. They use a detoxification/drug free approach, with nutrients and vitamins supplemented, along with a sauna bath sweat and exercise regimen.

Let's scream to our leaders, "Hey, folks if there's a proven, better way, and a means to a cure, let's try it, first.'' Our children, and our society are certainly worth it.