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Some programs work

The Burlington Free Press (Burlington, VT)
April 29, 2001

For Vermonters dealing with substance abuse in our society today, too often the refrain "nothing works" is heard.

There are programs that do work, however, these are too few, and they are too overwhelmed to be effective.

008 . 0047.05Concerned, I have sought out-of-state models and programs which are proven to work. One such is Narconon International of Los Angeles. Its philosophy follows a "total detoxification/drug free, natural nutrients, and vitamin supplements nurturing system." Narconon can prove a 76 percent to 78 percent success rate in treating and education/prevention experience. ...

It concerns me that very little dialogue, by our leaders, is being sought on any other treatment models except methadone, or alternative drug programs.

Narconon has a proven, and excellent education and prevention format which has been instituted in the public and private communities worldwide for 30 years. Why not entertain a different perspective, a compassionate one, especially, if it can be proven to be successful and lastingly, so? Are our children worth exploring such means to help them to improve and save their lives? I like the idea. Anyone else? I suggest you call your state representatives and senators in Montpelier.