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Letter to the Editor

Battle Creek Enquirer, Battle Creek MI
July 26, 2002

We would like to clear up misrepresentations from a letter written with evident bias by Todd Phipps ("Prison system rejected Narconon," July 24). A few facts: The Narconon program is licensed to use only L. Ron Hubbard's secular, that is, nonreligious, research and development in drug rehabilitation. The organization has been corporately separate and independent of any church or other organization since the first nonprofit public benefit corporation was founded by William Benitez on May 20, 1970.

But Narconon staff have long been fortunate to have friendship and support in terms of volunteer hours, donations, etc. from many churches and their congregations. Not just Scientology but many churches have been glad to support Narconon centers saving lives in their communities. Narconon centers are working in close association with different U.S. Christian churches, with a Buddhist temple in Taiwan and people of many different faiths. President Bush announced in his Faith-Based and Community Initiative that he hoped churches and drug rehabilitation professionals would work together to reduce drug addiction.

The technical methodology used by Narconon has been scientifically studied. To quote from a 1998 addressed published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency after an international conference in Washington regarding a formal study of Mr. Hubbard's sauna program, the conclusion states: "There is evidence suggesting that the program revitalizes the immune system and improves the general physical condition of the participant. . . . In addition, the detoxification program devised by Hubbard possesses a powerful psychotherapeutic potential." Lastly, after early confusions were cleared up decades ago, Narconon staff continue to work with justice departments worldwide, including a Utah juvenile court program; in Pretoria, South Africa; in Baja, California [sic]; Mexico prisons, etc.

Narconon Stone Hawk looks forward to serving our community and saving lives, and we are sure the great majority of our good neighbors welcome us.

Kate Wickstrom
Executive director
Narconon Stone Hawk