The Autobiography of Margery Wakefield
  1. Childhood
  2. College
  3. London
  4. Jenny
  5. Los Angeles
  6. One Billion Years
  7. The Grades
  8. Travels
  9. Marriage
  10. The Wall of Fire
  11. Offloaded
  12. Back to Florida
  13. Breakdown
  14. Back in the Wog World

Margery Wakefield is the author of The Road to Xenu and Understanding Scientology. The manuscript of Testimony was completed in March 1996. In September a copy reached Dean Benjamin, who edited the manuscript for publication and free distribution over the Internet. This document was released on 21 December 1996; HTML by Dean_Benjamin@cs.cmu.edu .

The HTML source for this book may be downloaded conveniently. Also available in gzipped plaintext.