Eric Townsend - The Sad Tale of Scientology

A Short History: 1950-1985


Chapter - Page:

Title Page

One Why this Book was written 1

Two Dianetics - What's it all about? 3

Three ...and then there was Scientology 7

Four Ron Hubbard - his early life 11

Five The 1950's 15

Six Saint Hill 1959-66 23

Seven The Life on the Ocean Wave 27

Eight The Wasp Response 31

Nine Landfall 35

Ten Ron Hubbard's Legacy 41

Eleven The Church in the 70's 49

Twelve What price Happiness? 55

Thirteen The Events of 1982 59

Fourteen The Emergence of Independent Scientology 67

Fifteen The Church since 1983 73

Sixteen The Present and the Future 79


A 'The Road to Total Freedom' by Roy Wallis. 85

B Suggested reading and reference material. 87

C Contact Points. 89

D Open letter to the Church of Scientology. 90

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