The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard

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Author's Note

Early Years

1. A Dubious Prodigy
2. Whither did he Wander?
3. Explorer Manqué

Plump Fiction

4. Blood and Thunder
5. Science Fictions

Tinker, Tailor, Sailor, Satanist

6. The Hero Who Never Was
7. Black Magic and Betty
8. The Mystery of the Missing Research

Building the Bridge

9. The Strange Début of Dianetics
10. Commies, Kidnaps and Chaos
11. Bankrolling and Bankruptcy

Sour Truths: The Rise of Scientology

12. Phoenix Rising
13. Apostle of the Main Chance
14. Lord of the Manor
15. Visits To Heaven

The Great Helmsman

16. Launching the Sea Org
17. In Search of Past Lives
18. Messengers of God
19. Atlantic Crossing

Decline and Death

20. Running Aground
21. Making Movies
22. Missing, Presumed Dead

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Suppressive Persons

How the Church of Scientology attempted to suppress Bare-Faced Messiah



Bare-Faced Messiah receives critical acclaim


Plain text version of Bare-Faced Messiah

A gzipped plain text version of the book (430K)



Transcripts of interviews conducted by Miller for this book


Documents of a Lifetime: Hubbard exposed

Key documents which expose Hubbard's falsehoods


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