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by Joel Sappell and Robert W. Welkos

Part 4: Reaching into Society

The "Org Board":
Hubbard's Plan for Improving on "80 Trillion Years" of Management

(Wednesday, 27 June 1990, page A18:4)

A key element of the management techniques Scientologists sell to businessmen is L. Ron Hubbard's "organizational board."

Used also by the Church of Scientology, the "Org Board" divides an organization into seven divisions -- executive, personnel, sales, finance, training, marketing and qualifications. Each division's duties are spelled out, along with the basis for evaluating employee performance.

In describing the Org Board's virtues, Scientology consultants omit Hubbard's colorful account of its origins -- an account reminiscent of one of his science fiction tales.

During a 1965 lecture to Scientologists in England, Hubbard said his board is a refined version of one that was used for "80 trillion years" by an "old galactic civilization."

Hubbard said the civilization died (he did not say when) because its organizational board lacked one division that he incorporated into his modern-day version.

Declared Hubbard: "We don't want these temporary fly-by-night affairs!"

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