lass Art is in the business of beautifying homes and offices with their artworks. Elli & Don Perkins have been creating these beautiful and aesthetic images that are hand-painted on glass since 1976.
Glass Art glass paintings not only evoke emotion and warmth, they are truly affordable and will bring life to any location.

Elli attended Rochester Institute of Technology art school. She has been hand trained in the fine art of glass painting and found herself inspired by the ethereal qualities of glass which best reflect her love of the realm of Fairie.

Every glass painting is carefully designed, hand made and beautifully detailed. Don is an experienced cabinet maker and carpenter. Together they create beautiful, colorful images on glass artfully framed in fine wood or metal.

Perkins' works have traveled to many areas of the world including Japan, England, Israel and Russia. You can see a display of their fine works, each summer at the Sterling, N. Y. Renaissance Festival. Custom work and customer requests are a rich source of never ending new ideas to delight patrons. These beautiful light catching painted glass pieces make wonderful and affordable gifts for everyone from those who love the richness of the Renaissance to enthusiasts of birds, flowers or dungeons and dragons!

Please feel free to call us and order Glass Art from our catalog which contains 100s of items to select from, or by commission, today!

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