Jeremy Perkins / Scientology Court File

03-13-2003 Police report Report of police officers called to the scene of the murder.
Police interview notes Notes from an 11:55 am police interview of Jeremy at the scene. "I did her in." Got knife from kitchen. Flushed vitamins. I hid in bedroom because she would know I had something to do with this.
CPL 710.30 AttachmentSummary of verbal statements Jeremy made to the police at his home and in a patrol car.
Miranda waiver
Seach and seizure waivers (3 pages)
Jeremy signed a Miranda waiver agreeing to speak with the Amherst police, and search waiver forms allowing the police to search his body, his clothing, and his bedroom, a few hours after Elli's death.
Jeremy's statement to police A written statement Jeremy gave to the police at 1:30 pm, a few hours after the murder. She was screaming no, don't, Jeremy no don't. I stabbed her about 4-5 times before she fell down...
Monthly psych consults (4 pages) Brief updates on patient status and medication; March through July, 2003.
04-07-2003 Psych evaluations (3 pages) Mental status evaluation by Joseph W. Liebergall, Ph.D., and psychiatric assessment by Brian S. Joseph, M.D., indicating chronic paranoid schizophrenia.
06-03-2003 Indictment (2 pages)
Prosecutor's letter
Alibi demand
Prosecutor's notice of intention to offer evidence at trial
Indictment number 00586-2003, for murder in the second degree. Erie County Court, State of New York. And an alibi demand and notice of intention to offer evidence (standard paperwork accompanying an indictment.)
06-04-2003 Defense notice of intention to present psychiatric evidence
Demand for Discovery (6 pages)
Jeremy's defense attorney, John R. Nuchereno, asks district attorney Frank J. Clark, III to disclose the evidence against his client. This is standard procedure.
06-06-2003 Notice of pretrial conferenceLetter from Judge Shirley Troutman to John Nuchereno setting a pretrial conference for June 19, 2003.
06-19-2003 Defense notice of motion (2 pages)
Motion schedules (34 pages)
A set of standard defense motions for discovery, disclosure, suppression of evidence, etc. Submitted to Judge Shirley Troutman.
07-29-2003 Investigation memorandum Erie County Probation Department memorandum indicating that Jeremy was convicted on July 29, 2003. "Not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect."
09-29-2003 Psychiatric examination: Dr. Yerneni (15 pages; text version) Mental status examination by Dr. Srinivas Yemeni, indicating schizophrenia, paranoid type, drug and alcohol abuse, and poor social support.
12-26-2003 Psychiatric examination order (4 pages) After finding Jeremy not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, Judge Troutman orders another psychiatric examination to determine whether he remains mentally ill and potentially dangerous.
01-09-2004 Psychiatric examination: Dr. Rosenberg (9 pages; text version) Schizophrenic and acutely psychotic.
01-13-2004 Psychiatric examination: Dr. Singh (9 pages; text version) Mental status examination by Dr. R. P. Singh, indicating chronic paranoid schizophrenia, and alcohol and cannabis abuse. Note: MICA stands for "Mentally Ill / Chemically Addicted".
01-27-2004 Commitment order (3 pages) and
Transmittal letter
Order finding Jeremy to be suffering from a dangerous mental disorder and committing him to a state hospital for six months, and a letter transmitting this order to the Commisioner of the State Office of Mental Health.

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