The Dumbleton - Powles Report



The commission acknowledges with gratitude the work done by Mr G.S. Orr, Crown Counsel, as counsel assisting the commission. His task of preparing the brief on a subject with which members of the commission were initially quite unfamiliar was complex and exacting. His painstaking preparation of the evidence and his urbane impartiality in lightening the work of the commission.

The commission has good reason also to record its appreciation of the work done, with comprehensive thoroughness, before, during, and after the public hearings by its secretary, Mr R. Buist. In particular, his summaries of the evidence, his orderly marshaling of documentary exhibits and his checking of references for this report were of invaluable assistance.

The commission is also grateful to the many persons who, from a sense of public duty, came forward voluntarily and assisted it by giving evidence, though this in some cases caused them to be subjected to considerable stress.

[signed] Guy Powles

[signed] E.V. Dumbleton

Dated at Wellington this 30th day of June 1969.


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