The Dumbleton - Powles Report

Appendix III



AuditorA listener or one who listens.carefully to what people have to say. The person trained and qualified in applying Scientology processes to others for their betterment.
Auditing (Processing)The application of Scientology procedures to a person by a trained Scientologist. That action or actions governed by the technical disciplines and codes of Scientology, of administering a process of a preclear in order to release or free him. The means by which a person progressively emerges as his essential self.
ARCAffinity, Reality, Communication.
ClearAn unaberrated state of mind; a person who is clear of aberrations. One who through the technology of Scientology has achieved the state of being able to be at cause knowingly and at will over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards the first dynamics (survival of self).
Committee of EvidenceA fact-finding group appointed and empowered to impartially investigate and recommend upon Scientology matters of a fairly severe ethical nature.
DianeticsThe modern science of mental health. Man's most advanced school of the mind. A way up to a capable human being.
Ethics ReportA report to Ethics concerning misuse or abuse of technology or the misconduct of a Scientologist.
Entheta LetterA letter containing insult, discourtesy, "chop" or nastiness about an organisation, its personnel, Scientology or the principal figures in Scientology (EN=Enturbulated; Theta=Greek for thought or life).
Files, DeadA file held by Ethics Division which includes all persons who write nasty or choppy letters to an organisation or its personnel.
GradeA level of release or auditing.
HASHubbard Apprentice Scientologist.
HCOHubbard Communications Office.
HCSHubbard Certified Scientologist.
HPAHubbard Professional Auditor.
HubbardLafayette Ronald Hubbard.
Overt ActsThe administration of pain or destruction to another.
Potential Trouble SourceAny person who while active in Scientology or a preclear remains connected to a suppressive person or group.
PreclearA person who has not reached the state of clear. One who through Scientology processing is finding out more about himself.
Security ChecksA check made to see whether a person has any counter intentions towards Scientology or Scientology organisations.
Suppressive PersonOne who is battling constantly in covert ways to make others less powerful and less able because of imagined danger to himself.
Sea OrgThe organization which sends out missions to put ethics in on the planet.
ScientologyThe route from human being to total freedom or total beingness.
Standard TechnologyThe exact processes and auditing actions laid down and used for the invariable resolution of cases; taught and used without variation by all Scientology auditors.
StatisticA number or amount compared to an earlier number or amount of the same thing. Statistics refer to the quantity of work done or the value of it in money.
Sub-zerosThe grades of release below Grade O.
Thetan Akin to the soul or spirit. The person himself - not his body or name, the physical universe is mind or anything else - that which is aware of being aware; the identity that is the individual. (From Theta=Greek for thought or spirit).
Operating ThetanOperating is being able to act and handle things; Thetan the spiritual being that is a basic self. The operating thetan is one who can handle things without having to use a body or physical means.


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