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Quixtar is one of the biggest business-success stories of the 21st century.

  • Quixtar is the pioneer of the I-commerce business model, which is the convergence of four key elements: the Individual, the Internet, a full-service Infrastructure, and Independent Business Ownership. This dynamic combination provides a business opportunity unlike anything online or on land.

  • Quixtar is based near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Quixtar Canada Corp. is headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada.

  • Quixtar Inc. reported sales of $1.035 billion in its last fiscal year and is the number-one online health and beauty retailer.

About the Quixtar Plan

With Quixtar’s Independent Business Ownership Plan, each IBO sets his own goals and decides how much time and effort to invest. The beauty of Quixtar’s plan is that every IBO has the opportunity to reach levels equal to or greater than his sponsoring IBO. Success is as individual as each Independent Business Owner.

Quixtar’s business plan follows the same established plan cited by the Michigan Attorney General as an example of a legal, legitimate tiered marketing business. There are four key elements that make the Quixtar Plan legal and a model of integrity:

  1. Sales-based compensation. Compensation in the Quixtar Plan is based on sales of products and services to consumers. An IBO who sponsors/registers other IBOs earns income based on his own sales and on sales made by his downline IBOs. IBOs cannot receive income based on sales by downline IBOs without meeting specified retail selling requirements each month.

  2. No “headhunting fee.” An IBO is never compensated for merely sponsoring another IBO.

  3. No purchase requirements. There are absolutely no minimum product purchases that an IBO must make.

  4. Buyback rights. If an IBO wishes to discontinue his business, any currently marketable and unused inventory will be bought back, upon request, by either the sponsoring IBO or Quixtar.

The Michigan Attorney General, in fact, clearly delineates that the plan upon which Quixtar’s is based is legal. Additionally, this plan has been cited in many Federal and State courts and agencies as the legal and viable way to operate a business with a tiered compensation plan.

With Quixtar, you can feel confident that you’re partnering with a credible, successful business organization.

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Ken McDonald
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Quixtar Inc.

November, 2003

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