Before you begin, make sure you have the following information available:
  • Your Quixtar number.
  • Your Line-of-Sponsorship
  • Your e-mail address.
  • Your credit card information.
  • Pen & Paper to record
    your password.

  It is very important to include complete and accurate information during registration.  Inaccurate information can cause your ProAlliance web site to not work properly.

Getting Started
  To register for your own ProAlliance web site, simply complete this online registration.  Registration only takes a few minutes.  After you register, your site will be online immediately.

  First, you need to select the type of registration you need.  If you are simply registering for a new account and do not have a pre-paid registration kit, use this option.  This is the most common method of registering for a new account.  The subscription is $10.00/month.

  If you purchased a pre-paid registration kit (a 6x9-inch envelope), then use this option.  DO NOT use this option unless you have your registration kit handy.