Current teaching

Human Language for Artificial Intelligence

I’m excited about the course Human Language for Artificial Intelligence, which I teach with Lori Levin. It is an introduction to linguistics and the other language sciences (with the lamentable exception of psycholinguistics) geared towards students in computer science (especially artificial intelligence fields). We believe that this is the only course of its kind. If you are interested in our lecture notes (draft) for this course, please let me know.

Natural Language Processing

I co-teach an introductory course in NLP, with both undergraduate and graduate sections. I cover the linguistically oriented topics (morphology, phrase-structure syntax, dependency syntax, lexical semantics, propositional semantics, semantic role labeling, discourse, and pragmatics) We are always developing new teaching materials and new exercises. If you would like us to share, please let me know!

Past teaching

In my past life, I taught numerous linguistics courses at both a graduate and undergraduate level:

  • Field Methods
  • Phonetics and Phonemics
  • Phonology
  • Topics in Phonological Theory
  • Morphology
  • Advanced Morphology
  • Languages of the World
  • Grammars and Lexicons

Ironically, since recieving my PhD, I have never taught Historical Linguistics, even though much of my research has been in that area.

Future teaching

I am designing two special topics courses:

  • Phonetics and Phonology for Language Technologies. An introduction to phonetics and phonology and their applications to problems in speech technologies and NLP.
  • Historical Linguistics and Language Change: Computational Approaches. A project-oriented course on the application of computational methods to the study of language change and reconstructing the history of languages.

If they are approved, I will offer these irregularly, starting in Fall 2022. I am collecting readings right now. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along!