(23:06:56) Dvarin: what was the body count? :)
(23:07:01) PlatypusNinja: D&D?
(23:07:05) Dvarin: indeed
(23:07:17) PlatypusNinja: well, in-game, zero - it was only three hours and it was all RP
(23:07:30) PlatypusNinja: I suspect that the low preparation time may have influenced that
(23:07:31) Dvarin: bah
(23:07:35) Dvarin: I can do better than that
(23:07:45) PlatypusNinja: out-of-game, I'm afraid I played Diablo during the second half
(23:07:51) PlatypusNinja: terrible habit
(23:08:13) PlatypusNinja: ...well, the party overruled me on a moral decision
(23:08:22) Dvarin: um
(23:08:27) PlatypusNinja: and my character was like, "fine, you guys do that"
(23:08:31) Dvarin: like, the second 1 1/2 hours of the game?
(23:08:34) PlatypusNinja: yep
(23:08:37) Dvarin: I see
(23:08:54) PlatypusNinja: they turned out to be right, mind
(23:09:05) Dvarin: this seems to be a trend
(23:09:08) Dvarin: :)
(23:09:12) PlatypusNinja: like, there was this guy, and he was a cleric of some evil god
(23:09:22) Dvarin: okay
(23:09:26) PlatypusNinja: and we captured him, and I was like, "let's hand him over to the town for interrogation"
(23:09:34) PlatypusNinja: "and come back tomorrow and see what they got"
(23:09:38) PlatypusNinja: and they were like
(23:09:53) PlatypusNinja: "well, he might be possessed. let's go find a cleric to cast Dismissal on him."
(23:10:13) Dvarin: uh
(23:10:17) PlatypusNinja: (this is because, before the game,)
(23:10:28) PlatypusNinja: (the DM had asked us all to explain to him the rules on possession)
(23:10:38) Dvarin: yeah, I guess that would work. Posession doesn't come up much in D&D games usually
(23:10:48) Dvarin: ?
(23:10:52) PlatypusNinja: and also we tried talking to him for a bit, and he seemed a little multi-personalitied
(23:10:56) Dvarin: I was under the impressiont hat there were none
(23:11:05) PlatypusNinja: they're fuzzy
(23:11:24) Dvarin: hmm
(23:11:29) Dvarin: so, that's not a moral decision
(23:11:35) Dvarin: that's a tactical decision
(23:12:00) PlatypusNinja: well, if he'd been possessed it would mean his original self wasn't evil
(23:12:12) Dvarin: not necessarily
(23:12:27) Dvarin: Evil cleric summons demon, summoning goes horribly wrong, demon posesses cleric
(23:12:37) Dvarin: is not unimaginable
(23:12:58) PlatypusNinja: ...like, after he got dispossessed
(23:13:10) PlatypusNinja: he told us some story about how he used to be a cleric of Pelor
(23:13:25) PlatypusNinja: but some guys talked to him and somehow persuaded him to follow Erythnul instead
(23:13:32) Dvarin: I think he's really going to need an Atonement after this
(23:13:36) Dvarin: :)
(23:13:38) PlatypusNinja: and he was like, "sure, that sounds like fun!"
(23:13:49) PlatypusNinja: but then later he had qualms, so they installed the demon
(23:13:50) Dvarin: so, he has Wis 18 and Int 3?
(23:13:56) PlatypusNinja: I suspect Charm Person
(23:14:11) Dvarin: um
(23:14:11) PlatypusNinja: otherwise he pretty much deserved what he got, really
(23:14:48) Dvarin: um
(23:14:55) Dvarin: huh?
(23:15:10) Dvarin: possesion is a special case of domination, right?
(23:15:17) Dvarin: not under your own volition and all that?
(23:15:33) PlatypusNinja: I suspect he was Charm Person'ed to get him to convert to Erythnul
(23:16:03) Dvarin: Since he didn't get possessed deliberately, the unposessed him isn't really responsible for anything his posessor did with his body
(23:16:15) Dvarin: sigh
(23:16:18) PlatypusNinja: that is, I suspect the line: "Sure, that sounds like fun!", spoken before he was possessed
(23:16:22) PlatypusNinja: was a result of charm person
(23:16:26) Dvarin: the caster of that spell must have had three-digit charisma
(23:16:58) PlatypusNinja: or she might've slipped it to him claiming it was...
(23:17:04) PlatypusNinja: wait, he wouldn't have needed healing
(23:17:05) Dvarin: no,
(23:17:07) PlatypusNinja: being a cleric and all
(23:17:18) Dvarin: I mean, if you try to make someone do something against their nature
(23:17:23) Dvarin: there's a Cha check involved
(23:17:36) PlatypusNinja: ah
(23:17:39) Dvarin: Charm Person only makes someone your best friend
(23:17:49) PlatypusNinja: well, I dunno
(23:18:04) Dvarin: if my best friend came up to me and tried to convert me to the worship of Erythnul and I were a cvleric of Pelor, I'
(23:18:20) Dvarin: d be attempting to convert them to Pelor out of concern for their welfare. :)
(23:18:42) Dvarin: eh
(23:18:45) PlatypusNinja: the exact wording Brian used was fuzzy...
(23:18:55) PlatypusNinja: like, he may have given in to temptation
(23:19:00) PlatypusNinja: or not